Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Etsy Shop

Ok folks.......I have decided to open a second Etsy shop. Diaper Cake Dazzle is the shop I have with my BFF but I want to start doing more mini albums and invitations.  I didn't want DCD to become a place to sell just anything. I like things to have order and thought it would be better to have a separate shop. Keep like items together and not just random listings. Even though we have hadn't many sales with DCD I am still hopeful.

I had a couple different names in mind and once I decided on one it was taken:( but I worked around it and with the help of the BFF I came up with Creative Munchkins. So stay tuned...........

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  1. Good luck with the new store, I considered more then one too but decided to stick with one

    I just wanted to say Hi, I found your blog on Etsy and I'm following. I'm at


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