Friday, March 4, 2011

New Super Cute Cakes

I have been pretty busy all week creating cakes so I finally found a few minutes to post some pictures of the latest creations.

Check out our new cakes and burp cloths that have been or will be added to our Etsy shop.

This mini cake was requested by my brother-in-law. I had never made a mini cake before so I was a little afraid of how it was going to look. At first I wasn't sure about it and sent pictures to my partner in crime, Cynthia, and she assured me it was super cute. Even Ryan thought it looked funny at first but then when it was all completed he said it turned out really good...thanks honey:)

This is the burp cloth I added to the mini cake and will be available for sale on Etsy.

This sports themed cake was a custom order requested by my MIL BF, Marc, he wanted a baseball/sports themed cake for his boss's new grandson.

These handmade burp cloths were included in the sports themed cake and will also be available for sale at our Etsy Shop.

Cynthia and I are hoping that these cakes will bring more customers to our shop.


  1. Those are super cute Jess! Good Job!

  2. Wow what unique diaper cakes! I will think of you next time I have a baby shower to attend!

    - Brittany (new follower from ETB etsy name daisical!)

  3. Hi.....I am a new follower...please follow me at

  4. I love the idea of cakes for a baby shower.

    Fab work and keep at the blogging - I am your newest follower and looking forward to seeing more by you : )

  5. Your cakes are just tooooo cute! Your newest follower from EBT, welcome.

  6. Those diaper cakes are adorable! What a brilliant idea!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm following you now too!

    Bubby & Bean


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