Monday, March 21, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

It has done nothing but rain for like over a week now and the weather peeps have rain in the forecast for the next 7 days. We had couple days last week that it didn't rain so we were able to get outside for a bit. The boys are starting to get a little cabin fever and go wild.

Over the weekend the winds were so bad. I slept terrible on Saturday night because of it. I kept looking out the windows checking on the fences and our tree in the front yard. It even woke up Cameron. He came into our room about 2:30am and said to me, "Mom, what's that noise?". So I turned on his TV, the movie of choice was Cars, to kinda drown out the sound of the wind and the house rattling.

One of the days we got out last week.

 As far as getting any baseball games in this week, I doubt that will happen. The fields are soaked plus it's suppose to rain like everyday. We are going to have like a week straight of playing once this rain stops. Oh least the boys will have fun. They love going to the games and running around and it gets me out of the house as well.

I am so ready for some Spring weather. I cannot wait for those 75 degree days with the sun shining......I know they are just around the corner;)

The boys doing what they love....playing in the dirt.


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