Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sick and New Followers

Looks like today we just might be staying home. No gym or baseball game. Over the weekend the little man came down with a little cold and now his nose is running like a faucet and he's coughing like crazy. Anyone who has had a sick child knows they are a little more needy when they are sick, especially a one year old, so it's just better if we stay home. And now Cameron woke up this morning coughing and yesterday I woke up with a dry and icky feeling throat, I hope it doesn't get any worse. I hate being sick! I also hope Ryan doesn't get sick but it seems like every couple months some type of sickness is making the rounds.

I am so excited to see I have some new followers. Hello all and thank you for checking out my blog and following me. And thank you for all your kind words about the cakes. My BFF and I love making cakes and get so excited each and every time we get the opportunity to do so.

Hope everyone has a great day:)


  1. Sorry to hear you are sick! I am finally over a miserable cold that lasted almost 2 weeks! hopefully your and your kids will be quick and painless!

    feel better :)

  2. been there... mine are 7 and 4 and it seems this year they have caught EVERYTHING, and shared with my wife as well who is constantly taking care of them... spring is on the way, and with it hopefully fresh air and good health


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