Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cars 2.

Last Sunday we took Cameron to see Cars 2 {I know this post is a little late}. We left Easton with my Grandma because well he is only 18 months and that would not have been good. Although he does love Cars and anytime he sees anything Cars he goes crazy...it's so cute, but next time he can go;)

Cameron was very excited and has been talking about going to see it for like a month now, whenever he first starting seeing previews and seeing all the crap they have in the stores. He would ask every single day, multiple times a day...................and finally the day came.

Ryan and I both like it and thought it was cute. We loved how Mater was the star of the show. We thought it was hilarious that Lightening and Mater were watching Wipe Out on the plane but thought it was a little weird for the cars to be shooting at each other with guns. We both thought the first one was better. 

On our way;)

Very Excited!

Of course I had to get pictures with Mom and Dad.

Eating a little snack before the show.

Cameron has never tried popcorn before, well because its a choking hazard and I am a freak when it comes to the kids eating stuff they can choke on. Since we were at the movies and he always talks about popcorn I gave him one piece, he gagged and spit it out. He didn't like so much, it was kinda funny. 

Before we left the house I tried to get him to wear a pull-up but he refused to put one on, he HAD to wear underwear. No accidents! Yay! He went right before the movie started then Ryan took him once during the show. 

It was a very successful first trip to the movies with the little man. Someone told me there is a Toy Story 4 coming out...maybe that will be lil chunkers first movie;)


  1. I want movie theater seats like THAT!

    I have still not taken the boys to see it, although they are quite excited.

  2. J. Crabbit....it cost like $3 more to see the movie in this theater. It was the Extreme HD theater or something. Not really sure but we wanted the 4:00 showtime and it was in this theater. It also had a wall to wall movie screen with surround-sound;)And I am sure your boys will love it, it was a cute movie.


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