Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eureka Part 1

So last Tuesday we left for Eureka. The Long 5.5 hour drive to play two baseball games which we lost, the first team to get booted from the tournament......oh well there's always next year and better yet it means baseball season is officially over for us until next January {unless Ryan decides to do Fall ball this year}. Even though they lost it was still a fun trip.

We were about 2 hours from Eureka at this point and they were getting tired. 

And they fell asleep almost immediately after I took the other pictures. Do you like Cameron's drool?!

Cameron and Easton has a blast running around the hotel room and getting into everything. I brought some moon dough for Cameron and that kept him busy for awhile that night and Easton was just all over the place. We put the pack n' play in front of the door to block him in but of course we had to stand in front of it because he could push it aside.

 Moon Dough;) I should have taken a picture of the mess it made.

Easton playing with all the equipment. He loves helmets and bats.

The next morning we all woke up bright and early and headed to the field for a 10 o'clock game. The only good thing about having the early game is we had the rest of the day to hang out and do something. We went back to the hotel and the guys {the coaches} changed and we headed to a restaurant called Samoa Cookhouse. One of the players grandparents recommended it. It's such a neat place and great food.


The boys were sleeping when we arrived and stayed asleep, which rarely happens. Ryan carried Cameron and he slept on Ryan ashe ate his lunch and Easton stayed passed out in the stroller. Our only meal in silence in a very long time;) They were awake by the time we left. Jerry {head coach} made reservations to take the whole team out to dinner the next night so I planned on taking pictures when we came back but that didn't happen {I will explain in part 2}.

Of course we had to take the kids to the beach. This was Easton's first trip to the ocean. It happened to be a nice day. The sun was out and shinning super bright. We are hoping to take them back to a warmer beach real soon. The both love sand, so they just sat there and played in it almost the entire time we were there. Cameron did not want his shoes off and Easton didn't have a choice, dad ripped off his shoes right when we got there and he wanted nothing to do with the water {it was freezing}.

 He did so good walking in sand.

They ABSOLUTELY love sand.....digging a hole.

And of course a family picture at the beach. 

Part 2 coming tomorrow........stay tuned.

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