Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baseball Season has Come to an End.

Another season has come and gone.

Some of you know that Ryan is a baseball coach for high school aged boys. He helps coach the Varsity team at a local high school and also coaches a team in the summer. This past weekend our team lost in playoffs. Of course it would have been great if we advanced onto the state championship this week but I am so glad it's over for now, it's been a long season.

And so the question is....Will Ryan coach next year?! I say he will! He loves it too much. Every year it's the same thing and he says the old same stuff. If it interferes with Cameron's baseball in the Spring I can see him hanging it up. 
Both Cameron and Easton have been going to these games since they were just a couple months old and Bentley followed in their foot steps and made his first appearance at just one week old:) The boys love going out on the field after the games raking and running around. The boys might have withdrawls here within the next couple of weeks but I can assure you I won't :)) Here are some fun memories over the season of my crazy boys having fun and running wild.

Bentley's first baseball game.

The boys wanted to ride home from the game in the Jeep with Dad. I said NO but these kids would not let it go and of course Dad said YES. I followed behind panicked the whole way home:) The boys LOVED it!


  1. Looks like allot of family fun...Come one that jeep ride looked like allot of fun!

  2. omygoodness, i LOVE all of these photos and the fun collages. your boys are so full of life! and wow - they really all look so much alike when you see them back to back in these photos. i was cracking up at the "bucket head" photos. :) too cute!
    i hope you're doing well, jessica! thank you SO much for all your support and well wishes!! <3<3<3

  3. So fun!! Looks like a fantastic summer of baseball! Such cute kiddos!


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