Thursday, July 5, 2012

Craft Time.....Yarn Wrapped Letter.

A few months ago after we moved I attempted to make one of those yarn wrapped letters and I think it turned out pretty good. I had been seeing them pop up around on Etsy and thought to myself I could totally do that....well easier said than done. It's a little more complicated than that but I figured it out. I guess the level of difficulty depends on the letter being wrapped.

I decided to do the letter "M" for Mink....our last name:) I was finally able to get this wall organization thingys from pottery barn and thought this little letter would go great on the wall. Right now it's chilling on the little shelf.

 You will need some yarn and a cardboard letter. You should be able to find both at any craft store.  Oh....and you will need a glue gun:))

 Just start wrapping, making sure you wrap tightly.

 I kinda did all the horizontal wrapping first.

 And this is where it start getting ugly. Looks a lot easier to do. I had to get out the glue gun because the yarn would not stay. This does not need to be neat and look pretty. You will wrap it over a couple more times before it's all done. Just add some glue and wrap around some more.

 Once you get the horizontal part done start wrapping vertical.

 By using the hot glue it kinda gives the yarn something to grip on to. In some areas I must have wrapped like a million times just to hide the glue.

 The hot glue is poking through a little but still looks okay.

 Now that it's all wrapped's times to wrap up this tricky little spot.

 Just start wrapping and because it was hot glued it gives the yarn something to hold on to.

And there you doesn't need to look perfect. At first I thought it was going to look smooth and only use one layer but as I started I found out it's a little harder than I orignally thought.

Then I made a cute little felt flower with a button as the center.

And this is the wall. I am still looking for some produce baskets. I found some online but they were like 50 bucks for just one and no way I am paying that. I saw online somewhere someone had used outside planter baskets, I think I am going to check those out next time I am Home Depot or Lowe's.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! you did an awesome job, jessica! the flower is so cute! i love the "fresh cut flowers" sign! i am making another yarn wreath this weekend and hoping to not burn myself with the glue gun 4 gajillion times like last. ;)
    have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful boys! <3

  2. The M is looking great!!!
    And felt flower, so cute :)

  3. You did such an awesome job!!!! Looks so cute

  4. It looks cute! I never thought about how hard it would be to wrap a slanted part, but I'm glad you mentioned that.


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