Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New favorite iPhone App.

Okay so I am famous for buying books and never opening them to read. The last book I bought was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and that was a couple months ago, I haven't even opened it yet. We saw the movie back in January so I think that had stopped me from reading it, I should have bought second book in the series. My book light is broken courtesy of Easton and that's really the only time I can or feel like reading is at night in bed. During the day there are just too many distractions to soak anything in that I just read. 

I have been wanting a kindle for a little while now but Ryan says no way to buying one because I never finish a book. But with all the hype that surrounds all these books and how everyone is talking about how good they are, like.......The Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Grey, it so makes me want to read them. We did see the Hunger Games movie {i actually liked it}, I had to see what the big deal was but I think I will just start off on the second book in that series.

So last week my good friend Beth told about the Kindle app for the iPhone, I had no clue there was a Kindle app. And she also told me about this book she had just got done reading...Wild, I believe she said it was on Oprah's book club list. So I bought the book through Amazon and started reading last week. It's kinda weird reading it on the phone but its working for now. And the book is pretty good. I catch myself reading at night and then realizing it's 10:30pm and Bentley has already been asleep for a couple hours, so I better get my butt to sleep because who knows when he will wake up. Actually the little guy is doing really good for just 2 months old, a lot better than the first two.


Eventually someday I would love to get a Kindle or even the Kindle Fire or even maybe an iPad and then just download the Kindle app on that. One day {hopefully} soon.


  1. Girl you will love the kindle it is great and so easy to use. Also when you go on vacation you will not be lugging a bunch of heavy books around. BTW I am a huge reader and so not buy the hype on the 50 Shades of Gray the first one is awright and the second and third ones SUCK please do not waste your money. BORING and repetitive their are way better reads out there.

  2. I love my Kindle Fire! I got it this year for Mother's Day because I had been complaining about not reading as much as I used to and that I wanted to start reading again. The first book I read was The Hunger Games (I haven't seen the movie yet), mostly because of all the hype, like you said. I thought it was a great book and have actually already read the last two in the trilogy as well. I've been trying to find other goods books to read as well so if you hear of any more let me know!

  3. I am extremely horrible at finishing books (and reading them) ha!
    I think if I had the app or kindle I would be much more likely to read and finish them too. I love reading on my phone!

  4. I would totally go with the iPad if you have the choice. I've resisted the Kindle/Fire/Nook allure, there is just something about an actual physical book for me. Same thing with my calendar, Dave keeps telling me to get it online.

  5. I have an e-reader and I love it! It does a lot of other things besides allowing me to read books. Unfortunately mine won't open emagazines. I bought one and after I discovered it wouldn't open it, I decided to download the nook ap for my cellphone and it works quite well. You are right, it's really strange reading on my phone!

  6. I have a Kobo reader and i love it! We do have an ipad but we share it so I like having my own device just for reading. Nowhere left to store books so it's great!


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