Monday, September 10, 2012

One Year Ago.

One year ago this week we were here...................... beautiful Mendocino. Our last little getaway just the two of us. Who knows when we will be able to getaway again. Maybe sometime at the beginning of the year {fingers crossed}. We so need to getaway without the little ones, we need some husband and wife time. You can see and read about last years getaway here, here, and here:)

One year ago this week we also found out we were expecting baby #3!!! We were also getting ready to put our house up for sale.....OH man it was a busy week!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Our weekend was busy but good. We went over to our friends for a BBQ on Saturday to celebrate his birthday and then on Sunday we had to help my BIL and SIL move.They got a cash offer on their house a day after it went on the market, so they have like 15 days to get out and their new house will not close escrow until the end of October so everything went into PODS. I didn't really do much helping, I was trying to chase after the little ones. And in another month or so we get to help again:)


  1. You mean a weekend without the kiddos man what was that like? I love Mendocino such a pretty town except for all that damn Great pic ;0)

  2. Love that photo! I hope you get to have a nice getaway come the new year! You both deserve it!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jessica!
    Lots of love

  3. Aw- you guys are so crazy cute!!You guys deserve a great little getaway. I know life with three probably is hard and you deserve time! And I can't believe it was a year ago, you found out you were expecting #3. I swear I felt like I was reading it on your blog a few months ago,lol

  4. That's a great picture! Love the background and you guys look so happy!


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