Friday, October 5, 2012

4 Months.

Okay this post here is a couple weeks past due. I finally just got around to downloading some pictures on the computer yesterday:)

Well another month has gone by and Bentley is four months old now. This summer has just flown by, I cannot believe we are already in the month of October. Little Bentley is growing and growing and changing everyday. Some changes are good and other changes are not so good. His sleeping has totally gone to shit! Well over the past month or so he has started to wake up twice a night,where as before he was only waking up once a night to eat. And just over the last few days he is waking up every couple hours or so, I think it's those darn teeth. 

A couple weeks ago he had his 4 month old check up. He is good and healthy but still has that little gooey eye. Hopefully it will go away soon:) He is a big boy but at this age he is the smaller out of  the three. I am amazed every day at what he is learning. He can now roll over from his tummy to back and back to tummy.....he's a rolling machine. He is pulling the little hangining toys off his little play mate thingy, he especially likes to pull off the mirror and look at himself. He is also quite vocal! He screams so loud with so much joy and excitement. He loves it when Cameron sings his preschool songs to him and loves watching both his brothers play around him. A couple weeks ago he started eating rice cereal and its going good. It took him a little bit but he now likes it. The doctor gave us the go ahead to start on foods too:) So the other day he had some peaches, lots of funny faces with those and the second time around he really didn't like them that much.

Besides going backwards with the sleep {BOOOOOO} he is doing great and I couldn't ask for a better baby. He is totally entertained {most of the time} just chilling watching all of us around him. Fingers crossed he starts sleeping a little better and hopefully he will start sleeping in his crib soon {we are working on that}.


  1. These photos are too cute!! Glad he is such a good baby!!

  2. I am serious he is so damn handsome and man already doing the rice cereal thing that is quick. My GG has the gooey eye thing and they had me squirt some breast milk in it when I was breastfeeding a (whole 3 it went away. I am going to say it again he is so handsome!

  3. That very well might be the cutest 4 month old I have ever seen! Truly adorable. Look at those cheeks!

  4. Jessica, he is so stinkin' cute!! I'm sorry he has been waking up twice a night now!! It sounds like he's doing wonderful...I bet Cameron and Easton love being big brothers!!


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