Saturday, October 27, 2012


WOW....I can't believe it already been a month since we left for Phoenix, AZ. I meant to write up this post a while ago but I am huge slacker. The reason for our trip to AZ was because Ryan's childhood best friend was getting married, his name also happens to be Ryan. So to make things a little easier I will call him Wiz or the Groom:-)

We left on a Saturday afternoon after Ryan got off work. So if I remember I believe we were on the road at 2:30pm.....YES FOLKS......we drove there with 3 kids!!!! We drove until about 10:30 that night. We live in Northern California in the Sacramento area and we made it to just outside of Riverside somewhere in the middle of some National Forest area. We were like in the middle of no where for a very very long time and finally came across a hotel that wasn't sketchy.

So by 9:15am the next morning we were back on the road and made it to our destination around 3:30 or so. We actually made pretty good time considering we were traveling with 3 kids. The kids actually surprised the heck out of us and were so good. We only had a couple of meltdowns which isn't too bad and even Bentley did great, he just slept most of the time. That DVD player we installed in the new was a lifesaver! We would not have lasted if it wasn't for that. And we brought all these darn movies and 2 they watched the majority of the time were the 2 new ones I bought the day before we left....DocMcStuffins and Dumbo.

Once we got to the rental house we were all exhausted and it was like 105 degrees. We went from HOT to even HOTTER. And Poor Bentley smelt so bad. His car seat was all stinky from the sweat and spit up. It was hot the entire time we were there and made it miserable to try and do anything with the kids, especially Bentley. So we just hung out all week long. We got together with Wiz and his family a few times, which was nice because its been about 3 years or so since we have seen them. The boys had an awesome time playing with Wiz's stepdaughters and they also had a great time playing with all his nieces. All his nieces just loved the boys....especially Bentley.  

They boys loved playing in the pool. Bentley wasn't too sure of it at first and only lasted a few minutes.

The boys playing with the girls. They had a blast!!!

And this little dude is just too cute.........

We went to a train museum and checked out all the train models they were building, took a little train ride, and played on the playground.....all while it being like 100 plus degrees.

The venue were the wedding was held was really cute. It was a garden type of setting with a couple of buildings, one for the food and the other for dancing:) Then the tables were set up all over the place. Three of the groomsmen had babies so I couldn't resist taking a picture when they all had their babes at the same time. 

Ok so Cameron is kinda of shy sometimes. The girls here are Wiz's nieces and the boys just loved them. Cameron so wanted to dance and "go crazy" but was being shy so the girls picked him up and took him out on the dance floor. It was the cutest thing, the expressions on his face were so funny. And then there is Easton and his cake........

Easton crashed earlier in the day and took a nap.....Cameron did not and he was exhausted by 9pm. He fell asleep on Ryan's lap so then we just laid him across some chairs for the next hour or so.
And then the next morning after the wedding we had to drive back home. This time we had to drive home in one day!!!! We left at 8:00am and got home about 9:30pm. It was a super long day and once again all the kiddos did great. Much much better than we thought they would do. And then poor Ryan had to work the next day. By the time we got to bed it was like 11pm so that 3:00am wake up call was no fun, he was exhausted.

And this was the car all loaded up on the way back home.

Hopefully our next family vacation will be a trip to Disney Land.....fingers crossed:)


  1. I so admire your trip!! That's awesome the kids were so well behaved for the long drive!! You look great, Jessica - I always love your photos and had fun looking through the collages you put together!! I hope you had a relaxing weekend!

  2. Clap Clap girl I give it to you that is a major haul with three kiddos. If you can do Arizona the big DL will be a snap........

  3. What a trip!! I can't believe you did it with everyone- good for you!!


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