Monday, November 3, 2014


I am still around. We havent had a comouter for like a month. We were hoping it could be repaired and it would hang on just a bit longer but NO!  Hopefully this week i will be able to go out and look for one. Its driving us nuts not having one. I am writing this from the Kindle and cannot see what i am typing, the keyboard is taking over half the screen. I hate typing on the Kindle:(

I am so bummed. I was doing so good with my twice a week postings maybe once we get a new computer i will bump it up more and post more often since after all the new computer should be super fast and shouldn't have any issues :)

October was a busy month. I am looking foward to November. The kids have a few days off from school which will hopefully give me some downtime. Probably not though. I have a big Minecraft birthday party to get ready for. And possibly another craft show.

Had to throw in a picture of this cutie!!!

Hope to be back soon!!!!

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