Saturday, April 4, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Well I missed last Friday's rewind. Last week was a busy week with baseball and dealing with a sick kid. Easton caught a 24 hour virus or something. He was running a fever and barfed a few times. Nothing too bad but he only went to school one day so I was home with him Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday he seemed okay but was still complaining of a tummy ache so I decided to just keep him home since he was doubled over in pain. 
Then on Friday Bentley started coughing and running a fever. The fever only lasted a couple of days but then I noticed some drainage coming from his ear and sure enough he had an ear infection. The doctor seems to think it's from allergies and I am beginning to think more and more these days the kids have allergies. The allergies here are super bad right now. I just hope B doesn't end up with another ear infection. 

 This was after he got home from Grandma's house when I noticed the ear drainage.

This was in between Easton and Cameron's game. We were getting a snack from the snack bar and he couldn't stay away from the dirt for 5 minutes. A snot dirt filled face.

 Passed out at baseball. He was very calm and mellow and I could tell he wasn't feeling too good...Oh and we were out at the ball park for hours:)

Even after we packed up and a moved him to the wagon he still didn't wake up.

So the highlight of the past week is gonna have to be going to see Garth Brooks! I am still on a Garth high. I cannot believe after all these years he went on tour. And we had super good seats. We had floor seats, now in the past my floor seats were kinda in the back so once everyone stood up it was so hard to see {well and I was in like 6th grade} but these were AWESOME! We were so close! It was so freaking awesome! He was here in Sacramento for 6 shows and one night he did 2 shows!
I have been a Garth fan since forever. I have every CD, every box set {yes even all the box sets that have different covers but all the same CDs} and I have seen him now 3 times in concert. I can remember as a teenager waiting in line for tickets {back when you stood in line for hours} and show #4 {i think it was} sold out like 5 people in front of us. We were waiting and waiting to see if they were going to announce another show and YEP he did!!! I saw Garth as a kid, as a teenager {with Ryan 17 years ago} and now as an adult! He seriously puts on the best show EVER! You don't even have to be a country music fan and you will still love it. I just hope he comes back in a couple more years because I want to see him again. What we should have done was kept our extra set of tickets for Saturdays show instead of selling them.....oh time we will just have to try and go to a couple shows.
 My SIL Jen was the DD for some of her friends so she scored a FREE ticket and was sitting a couple rows in front of us.

 Ryan's eyes are shut:( I didn't notice it until we were already settled back down in out seats patiently waiting. 

 And Finally he takes the stage!!!!

 Yeah I suck at taking selfies.

Thank goodness for cell phones. We got lots of pictures and videos. 

Trisha Yearwood came out and sang a couple songs and Garth played guitar while she preformed...pretty cool!

A major hurdle I tackled this week was taking Cameron to the dentist. He has needed some treatment done for like ever but I have been dreading taking him. Well I finally did it and of course it was on a day when Ryan was working so I had to take him by myself. H needed a cavity filled and some sealants. I could tell he was super nervous but he did great. He started to get a little wiggly towards the but by that time it had almost been an hour since he had been laying down. The dentist and the assistants are awesome. It's a pediatric dental office so everything is kid friendly and the staff knows what to say to the kids to make them feel a little better. So glad it's over with. 

This week has been so nice. A nice little break from school and baseball and all the running around that goes with it. The boys stayed the night with my mom and grandma earlier in the week so that was nice and broke up the week some. Cameron has been asking and asking to go over to Nino's house {that's what the kids call my grandma} since he's in school he doesn't get to over there much these days. So the boys and cousin Autumn stayed the night over there and of course they had a blast. A little break is always nice.  
But on Monday it all starts up again until the end of the school year. Lots of things going on between now and then that will surely require me to drink lots of wine. 

Happy Easter!!!

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