Saturday, October 10, 2015

Friday Rewind.

I cannot believe we are already in the month of October! As usual lots of baseball and school events going on. This week's events were cut a little short. Easton and Bentley both got sick early Thursday morning so Easton missed school and therefore he missed his baseball game too. We decided to keep Cameron home from school as well since both Easton and Bentley threw up. It was a pretty mellow day. Easton was running a fever so he pretty much just slept all day and Bentley was super mellow and passed out on the couch. 

Here is Bentley passed out...I will spare you the puke pictures.

Easton went all day Thursday without puking and what does he do at guessed it....he threw up! He missed the field trip today....I think I was more bummed than he was. I missed my first field trip. I like going to see the kid plays and we were going to the B Street Theater downtown, That's OK because Cameron's class is going at the end of the month and I am almost certain I will be going to that. Easton had a couple issues this morning with his tummy but never complained again and he hasn't had a fever since last night so I think he's good now. I guess it was just a little 24 hour bug. Hoping it's all gone and no one else gets it. 

I have been busy trying to get ready for an upcoming craft fair I am doing next weekend. I am trying to make lots of cutesy little treat holders for Halloween....although like always I am running out of time. I also need to hit up some thrift stores and antique shops for some display items to help my space look more cute! I can never find what I am looking for...drives me nuts! 

I am still waiting for the weather to get cool around here. It was freaking HOT today! I am tired of the heat and tired of sweating anytime I go anywhere. I also tired of running the air conditioner! It's still going to be in the high 80's for the next week and I think today was in the 90's....UGH!!!! 

I finally started my volunteering in Easton's classroom this week. He was super excited, he has been asking like everyday since I started in Cameron's classroom. I get to do Art/Easel time with the kids every Monday. I can also make up my own art crafty activity. I am looking forward to it, the kids at this age are so cute and of course there was a long line the first day because they were all so excited to paint. There was a lot of mixing colors going on and a lot of brown paint. I think next week I am going to encourage them to paint pumpkins so they can decorate and hung up at home:) We shall see how that goes. 

We have two baseball games today and Sunday I have my monthly card class. Our Saturdays are pretty much consumed with baseball and especially since all Cameron's Saturday games are at like 5:30...they even have a game scheduled at 5:30 on freaking if anyone will be going!!! What idiot schedule that?!  
Cameron got player of the game on Monday....I missed the entire game because Easton had practice and by the time we got there it was over. Then on Tuesday I missed Easton's game because it was my day to work in the snack bar, I am hoping Bentley will be good today so I can watch the games:) 

Last week we went to check out the Bass Pro Shop. It's Huge and has everything! The kids loved it!

This makes Ryan so very HAPPY!!!! Betty Crocker brought back the Rainbow Chip frosting. 

This kid loves to eat Peanut Butter by the spoonfuls....I guess he gets that from me. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!! 

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