Saturday, November 21, 2015

Friday Rewind.

WOW....once again it's been like 3 weeks since my last Friday Rewind post. Totally slacking!

The Fall baseball season has ended.....thank goodness. We get a few months off before it starts up again in February. Next up is basketball for both Cameron and Easton...that will be interesting to watch Easton play. 

A couple weeks ago I had my monthly card class and I am pretty sure this set of cards was one of my top favorites. I just love the Rudolph card...i love the gold accents and sparkle. 

That same day after card class we got a visit from some of our favorite people.....YAY!!!!! 

Last weekend I did another craft fair. You can never predict how a craft fair will go or what will be your top selling items. I am not sure I will do another this holiday season. I am not really in it to make money {usually there is no money to be made for me, I am happy when I make back my Fee money}. I am in it to get new cusomter contacts. They are a lot of fun, especially when you meet other paper crafters just like you:) 

This week the kids got out of school early every day and at the same time. So the house was very loud and crazy all week long. Today Easton has his Stone Soup Celebration at school. That was interesting taking the nephews who I babysit twice a week with me. Actually the little kids weren't that bad. Bentley and Landon are typical boys and did lots of running like crazies and Grayson just stayed in the stroller the entire time....then once I heard a fire drill was approaching we hightailed it out of there and went to the park just down the street until it was time for Cameron to get out....and luckily I was able to take Easton with me and didn't have to wait for the school day to be lucky there!

 Easton and his goofy smile.

Our Apple Hill plans last weekend got rained out, so we had a nice cozy day inside and then later in the afternoon the kids went out in the back and played. So we are planning to go this Sunday and I know it's probably going to be super crazy busy with everyone buying Apple pies for Thanksgiving plus all those people who got stormed out last weekend. 

Tomorrow I have a baby shower for my Brother's girlfriend....I am not sure if I mentioned it before but they are having another BOY!!!! YES another BOY! The baby shower is kid friendly because my nephew will be there so the boys are going with me. 

Cameron brought home some mealworms over the Thanksgiving break....oh joy! We get to care for mealworms and hope they don't die.  He named them Sonic and Flash. 

He asked, "Can I play with my Mealworms?".....Sure Whatever Dude!

It rained last a couple weeks ago and this is Bentley finding something to do while waiting for Easton to get out of Speech, let;s just say he was soaking wet and had to strip down in the car. 

Boys will be boys and my boys are definitely all boys. 

Seriously this is so true. 

In my dreams!

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