Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guy Fieri's Tri-Tip Roast.

So recently on one of my monthly trips to Costco I picked up some new Tri-Tip that we haven't tried before. Who doesn't love Guy Fieri from the Cooking channels Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives {love that show}?!

Ryan and I both loved it and will get it again for sure. I like my meat well done and was pretty proud of myself that I didn't over cook it, it was still juicy and not dry at all {Ryan usually grills the meat but he was taking a cat nap so I was in charge}. I love the pre-marinated meat. It's always so tasty, its also so easy to pick it up that night for dinner without trying to rush and marinate it.
There was also another kind that was seasoned with Rosemary and something something, maybe lemon....can't remember but I am sure it's just as good. 


  1. Hi! It's my first time visiting your blog thanks to the blog hop at momma totally in love. I'm following you now.

    Also, I am soo trying that tri-tip if I can find it at my Costco! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I found you from boost my blog and now following you. I saw these at Costco and wondered if they were good. Now i need to go back and buy!!!

  3. New follower from Thursday blog hop. My blog is Twitter@dentistmel

  4. Diners Drive Ins and Dives (DDD, The Triple D) are a United State American food television series show. The host of this show “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” is Guy Fieri.

  5. A very random question... do you still have these images of the packaging?

  6. I normally get the Morton's tri tip steak from Costco, it is always so amazing. Today I went to costco and they did not have the Morton's steak... in it's place was this Guy Fieri rosemary encrusted steak, so I decided to give it a try... it was an epic dissapointment... the salt content was way beyond healthy levels, it felt like we were eating mouthfuls of salt and rosemary, I can easily say this was the worst meat I've ever purchased, my family took a few bites and we had no choice but to throw it away. I highly recommend people choose the Morton's steak over this garbage, the cost is the same and the difference is night and day.


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