Friday, August 19, 2011


Last week we finally got new cell phones.....THANK GOODNESS!!!! Of course we went with the iphone since Verizon finally carries them now. These phones are so cool and I now know why everyone that has one loves it. We are still learning how to use it. So if anyone has any tips or cool apps you know of please let me know. We just figured out how to close down apps the other day {i think that's why my battery was draining so quickly} I had like every app open......whoops.
Of course I had to get the pink cover.....I am on a pink thing lately {i used to hate the color pink}.

I am not going to go into every reason why I love my new phone so much but I am going to tell you the apps I am currently obsessed with at the moment. I LOVE Instagram, craftgawker, foodgawker, and the MLB app {you can set it to your favorite team so when you open it the current scoreboard is up....of course mine set for the Giants}. I would post the follow button for Instagram  but I don't like the way it looks and I have no idea how to change it, it's kinda funny looking and small...haha.

Earlier this week I received the giveaway prizes I won in the Bubby&Bean giveaway a couple weeks ago. Of course I took the pictures with the new phone and used Instagram.

I think this is my favorite print from Bubby & Bean.

"Coming Home" from Studio M.M.E. Illustrations. Now I need to find a place to hang it;)

This is the necklace from Little White Chapel. It's so pretty....I just love it. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet {it's super hard to wear any jewelry around kids, they pull on everything}. There are so many items I absolutely love from Little White Chapel. Hopefully I will be able to treat myself to a couple of my favorites soon.

I love how this picture turned out in Instagram. It's hanging from some silk flowers in a ceramic vase we have in our bedroom {it's current location so it doesn't get destroyed by the boys}.

So there you have it....We finally got new phones and I can talk longer than one minute without the darn thing shutting off and they take waaayyyyy better pictures and video than the Blackberry.  And of course I am hearing rumors that an iphone 5 is coming out in September.....just our luck!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yay for getting the iPhone! You're gonna love it. I'm addicted to InstaGram. That's my favorite and most used app. I have a lot of photo editing apps too. You should get angry birds, everyone I know with an iPhone has that game along with Words with friends (kinda like scrabble) and Hanging with friends (like hangman). Enjoy your phone!


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