Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Fun.

I am constantly trying to find little activities to do with the boys. Things that will appeal to both of them, so they are not fighting over anything. I am always going to the Crayola isle trying to find something fun. So a few weeks ago I picked up the Sidewalk Paint. Cameron was excited to get home and try it out. Although he had to wait until Easton was done napping which absolutely tortured him.

Both the boys LOVED it! It didn't take long for the paint to run out and I don't think you can just buy the paint by itself. I have since then bought another one so now we have 2 paint trays, 2 brushes, and 2 rollers {perfect so they can't fight over it} now if they would just sell the paint. I will be getting another one this week because Cameron liked it so much and keeps asking to paint outside. I would say the paint last about an hour or so, not very long. It cost about $10 but so worth it. Anytime anything keeps them occupied for a short period of time I think it's worth it.

At least we have a nice shaded area on the side of the house. This is the only shade we have in the backyard in the afternoon so it's perfect for these type of things.

It washes off everything....clothes and cement very easily.

Washing off in the little pool.

Maybe this week we will try the Sidewalk Spray Paint;) That could be interesting.

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  1. Oh my goodness! These pictures are precious!! They look like they are having a blast!


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