Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Wine.

Oh how I love wine! This is a new {well a new one to me} Cupcake Vineyards wine Ryan picked up at the store one day. I haven't tried the Pinot Noir before and it tasted just as good as all the other Cupcake wines. I love when Ryan comes home from the grocery store and surprises me with a new bottle.

Can you see I am having fun taking pictures with the new camera?!  I think I am going to like taking the pictures more than drinking it {yeah right......I doubt it} but it was fun to play around with the camera.


  1. HAHA you totally have a cork collection, or as we like to call it "evidence" My wife and I love these posts. we have tried most cupcake wines, and as I mentioned before love the bottles.

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  3. I love love wine. I used to have it almost everyday after work but lately I have been slacking. Love your blog following you from the blog hop would love it if you could come over and check out my site. Cheers

  4. Jessica, I am SO heading to the store for a bottle. Cupcake should be paying you for the great PR!

    Thanks also for your kind words. It means a lot.


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