Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday's Wine....{Wedding}.

One day I hope to open this bottle of wine but I highly doubt we ever will. Ryan and I got married at a winery {which I have just learned it has been sold and renamed:(} and we received this bottle as a gift from them. 

We have this bottle displayed on our mantle beside a wedding picture. I absolutely loved our wedding and I am very sad that the winery has a new name, I wanted to have a huge anniversary party there. Well hopefully the new owners stay open awhile and I can have that huge party someday
Sogno had some great wines. We have been talking about going back up there to stock up the wine supply. So now I guess we will have to go back and find some new favorites.

Ok now I am going to bore you with some of my favorite wedding pictures.

Hope you enjoyed and hopefully you weren't too bored. I just love looking at wedding pictures. I just LOVE weddings period. Someone I know needs to get married real soon but I am not going to mention any know who you are;)

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  1. beautiful wedding! i love that bottle of wine. how cool is that. you could have it for years and years...cheers.

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