Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Rewind.

WHEN DOES SCHOOL START?! In about 5 weeks! Seriously Cameron is going to drive me into the looney bin....and that's no joke. Send more wine by the cases just to get me through the next 5 weeks of being home all day with his little butt. He has lost all games, all electronic games since the beginning of the week. He was good for one day. The day after he lost all his games. Then he was back to being a little 7.5 year little punk. Seriously no clue where he gets the attitude and the talking back. He constantly fights with Bentley and most of the time him and Easton play goof together but the last few days he has just been pestering him. 

So that's what I have been dealing with all week. Oh JOY! Grandma did take all three boys yesterday for while so that was super nice. And the only reason Cameron was allowed to go because I was so mad at him I didn't want him near me. I needed a break!!! I don't know what it's going to take for him to realize how he talks and acts is not OKAY!

The boys finished up their first session of swim lessons and will start another on Monday. So another 2 weeks of going to swim lessons 4 days a week. Yesterday it was very unusual weather here for July. It was cloudy, breezing, and chilly at 10:45 in the morning and Cameron would not get in the water. He wasted the entire 30 minute lesson. He did get in the last 5 minutes up to his waist. 

Grumpy Cameron

I had a dental appointment this morning to get my bridge put in. YES folks I have a bridge. People are always like do you need a bridge you are so young. Well that would be because I had 3 babies and with each baby something different happened to 3 different teeth and then waited waaaaay too long to take care of it. Finally just got it over with. The only reason I decided to get it done now was because the mold in the back needed a crown and I could not wait any longer to get it taken care of and actually I am keeping my fingers crossed I won't need a root was super close to the nerve. Anyway  I am so glad that's over with and hoping it feels a little better in the next couple of days...its pretty sore tonight, especially when I tried to flossing it. I absolutely hate going to the dentist! 

So the other day Mattie {the dog} jumped into the garden box right freaking in front of me. So then today Ryan asked if I picked the 3 little cherry tomatoes, then I noticed the little mini bell pepper was gone, then I saw a had been eaten. Ryan said it must be a squirrel. The I saw a bunch of white fur brushed on the tomato plant and my poblano pepper plant was leaning over. We look at Mattie and she has green on her face....BUSTED. Then as I was scooping poop tonight I saw more evidence in her poop. Freaking dog!!!! 

I am always trying to come up with ways to organize and clean up my little craft corner. My work space is so small and crowded because I don't really have anywhere to keep my stuff. I like having my stuff out and easily accessible or else I won't use and i will forget about it. So I remembered we have had this 2 drawer filing cabinet that we have had for a few years and it's been stored up high the garage. Ryan got it down and sanded it for me. I painted it PINK {with 3 boys I need some pink in my life} it's not a great paint job and Ryan pointed that out. Apparently I don't know how to spray paint. We will see how this addition helps keep my work area a little cleaner. 

Here is a family picture from the Forth of July. We had the family over for dinner and fireworks. 

Once again what the heck is going on with these pictures. They are crystal clear when I view on my computer and upload here and they like crap:(

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  1. OH girl....we are having the same issues at this house my daughter is being a total butt head the last week. Smart mouth and rolling of the yesy..I am like girl you better adjust that tude"...She is only 5 and if this is any sign of what the tween stage will be I am packing her bags now..Will not take it. I have a feeling it is because they are off their normal schedules from school. Good luck...and where do you want me to send the wine? lol


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