Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Well folks we now have 2 full weeks of school in the books! So far things are going good for both Cameron and Easton. It's only the beginning and I know we will face some challenges ahead BUT for now I am enjoying the good!!!

This week was filled with another monthly parent meeting, baseball practice, and a dentist appointment. I am very happy I will be getting a break from the dentist for now. I am just about out of insurance money for the year so I will go back at the beginning of the year and start to finish up my long to-do list. 

Also happening this week is carpooling!!! I started carpooling with our friends that live behind us. Their girls are in the same class as Easton and Cameron. Since Kindergarten does not go a full day we both we driving to the school 3 times a day!!! Do you know how insane that is?! Especially because we live about 20-25 away from the school. Plus they are playing soccer and we are playing baseball and all that happens close to where the school thats even more driving. My gas tank is much happier this week!!!! So far I think it's working out pretty good!!! 

I am totally getting burnt out on cooking dinner. Actually it's not so much the cooking, it's the planning and figuring out WHAT to cook. I seriously need to find some new recipes to cook. I need to spend some time finding new side dishes especially. I feel like we eat the same stuff for dinner all the time.

Cameron finally lost another tooth this week. This tooth has been loose for like EVER!!! I kid you not! His two front teeth have been lost for like over a year. Yes at first the barely moved BUT they were still a little loose, it wasn't until like over the weekend that they really got loose. 

Baseball started this week! 

We finally got Bentley his own glove. He's a lefty so none of the boys' old gloves worked for him and he ended up wanting a red and black glove...right when he saw he snatched it up.

Seriously...this is no joke!

So last week Ryan took his Mom and her husband Marc rock crawling for a couple days. Marc has been before but this was the first time for Ryan's mom. He had been talking about taking her for awhile now. They all had a great time. Next week we are going without the kids so I am really looking forward to that. We haven't been on a trip or getaway of any kind without them in over 2 years.




Thursday, August 27, 2015

My First Video Tutorial.

Well I finally had a few minutes to record my first video tutorial. The other night Ryan took Bentley and Easton with him to hit some golf balls {Bentley will not be going again for a long time} and to the hardware store for a couple of bolts. Cameron stayed here and was allowed to play Minecraft before it was reading time. 

I must say this is rather embarrassing...don't ask me why. I think because I hate hearing my voice and I did mess up a little. I guess the messing up part is always going to happen. The lighting was terrible and I think I bumped my desk, shaking the camera. 

I saw this idea at this year's Stampin' Up! Convention. They stream some of it online so Demonstrators who cannot attend are able to see some of what is going on. And most important we get to see a sneak peek of the holiday catalog. 

They made a super cute box to hold note cards {size 5x3 1/2}. I wanted to try and make one to hold the standard size card {4 1/4 x 5 1/2}. It took me a few tries but I finally got it! And I thought this would be the perfect project to share as my first video tutorial. 


Here is the direct link to the video:

Let me know what you think!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Make it Monday.

It time for another quick and easy Make it Monday, inspired by Retro Sketches. I am so in love with black and white cards and a color accent. I love using pink colors as my accent since I have 3 boys I don't get a lot of pink around here so I often tend to go right for the Melon Mambo:)

Here is the sketch I used. 

Here are the items I used: 

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Rewind.

I missed last weeks Friday Rewind post. Not quite sure why....don't remember. I think I had the computer in bed with me but then started falling asleep so I didn't even attempt to do one. Today was an exhausting day and it didn't really hit me until just about an hour ago. I feel like I have been living in my car driving back and forth to school and all over the place. You don't even want to know what my gas tank looks like and I just filled up on Tuesday...not good. 

I would have to say last weeks highlight would be the kids starting school. 10 weeks of summer break over and gone and now the madness starts!

One of the best things about school starting is that means I nearby my favorite place like everyday:) Bentley and Easton love going there as well because they give out "whipsticks" and on this day Bentley for a lollipop whipstick. 

Last weekend I did a vendor event at a local park. It wasn't a good event for me once again. I think I need to stick with straight craft fairs. There were people there just not at any of the vendor tents. It was the same for most of the other vendors as well. It didn't help that it was like 105 degrees out.....AND Ryan was sweet and surprised me with the kids! They had fun for the short time they were  there. My mom stopped by too and took them all to get shaved ice {which took FOREVER} and Cameron saw his music teacher on stage singing :) So that was cool!!!

Bentley ran into the counter a few days ago and ended up with a black eye...crazy kids was throwing a tantrum and whacked his eye.

Yesterday I started my new "job". I am now watching my nephews 2 days a week....can things get any crazier around here. It actually wasn't that bad at all. Just a little extra work and getting in and out of the car takes a little longer. Today we went to Lowe's and Sprouts before we had to pick up Easton from school. All went well and everyone was good:)

Well that's it for now folks. I am exhausted and starring at this computer is doing funky stuff to my eyes. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Pretty Petals.

I cannot get enough of this paper stack Pretty Petals. I know I have used it a lot lately but it's just so pretty...I love it! Another thing I am loving right now are these cute little wooden expressions....absolutely love them!!! I remember over a year ago one of the My Paper Pumpkin kits came with them and it was my favorite kit. These little wooden elements make for some super cute and easy cards.  
This has been a very busy week so far and school just started last week. I haven't been home much to get anything done. Between picking up the boys from school I run errands and try to pick up around the house. More on school and our crazy schedule later this week on the Friday Rewind:) I am sneaking this post in before I need to run off to the Kindergarten parent meeting of the year. I am hoping it's only an hour long.....fingers crossed! 

I hope you like the card made. I got inspiration from Fab Friday Sketch Challenge. 

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Clean and Simple Card.

Today's card is a sweet clean and simple card. There's actually no stamping involved with this one. I love love the Expressions Wood Elements in the new Annual Catalog.  The metallic gold thread gives it a little something extra and is still clean and simple. This card was inspired by this weeks sketch over at Sweet Sunday Sketch. I hope you like what I created today!!!

Here are the items I used: 

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Rewind.


Nothing exciting going on here. Just laying low getting ready for the madness to start next week when school starts. We will have baseball and school starting right about the same time. Then something else I will be starting in a couple weeks.... I will start watching my nephews 2 days a week. I guess you can say I will have a "job" now. They are ages 1 and 3 so it will make things really interesting around here, especially when it's time to pick up Cameron and Easton from school. 

Over weekend we took a little trip to Barrett Lake Jeep Trail to do some four wheeling and camping. We planned this little trip a few weeks ago so I was ready and prepared to go. This was out first trip with the kids as a family. 
This trail has been closed for the past 3 years or so there was lots of action and camping going on. The kids had a blast and we did to. It's very exhausting camping with the kids and never a time to relax, it would have been better if we didn't get to camp so late. Setting up in the dark is less than fun {10PM...we ran into a little troubles on the trail} and then packing up and leaving at 10am. That's what happens when Ryan has split days off and it will remain that way forever. And not to mention our packing space is very limited so we need to be careful with what we pack. 

I was very thankful that we met a couple awesome families at the beginning of the trail. They also were taking their first trip as family with the kids. All the kids got along great and payed good together. They had all girls so it was perfect:)  This trail was harder than what I thought and there was a couple spots Ryan needed help and those families weren't there he would have made me drive while he directs me where to go. 

Ryan was kind enough last night and took the boys to the driving range for a couple hours. I don't think he really got to hit any balls because he was too busy dealing the kids but I appreciated him taking them because I over the last few days of being with them all day long with no breaks has been kinda problem if your children are angels and listen and don't wrestle or rough house or are as quiet as mice. That 2 hours of silence with no one in the house did wonders. Now if I could only get more than 2 hours....I didn't know what to do. I cleaned the kitchen and put away laundry and then just sat here trying to think of what to do....and then they back! 

Bentley decided he needed to pick the little watermelon we had growing in our garden. It only took like 2 months to get to the size of a softball and the little turd picked it. The garden isn't doing to great right now. I need some fertilizer. Once my tomatoes start turning red I will be happy but my bell peppers are not doing good at all:(

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pretty Thankful SWAP Card.

Today I am sharing the SWAP card I created for a card swap I am participating in with a wonderful awesome group I am a part of. Early next week I should be receiving 20 cards all designed with different stamp sets, I cannot wait to see what everyone has created! 
I will be sharing those cards here on my blog and on my Facebook Group so make sure you join my group!!! I love this stamp set and I am thinking it will be my first Online Class To Go. I really love the way this card turned out and hope all the participants of the swap like it as well. 

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Here are the items I used: 

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Make it Monday.

Today's Make it Monday was inspired by the Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge. We had a long exhausting weekend and in the middle of my 5 loads of laundry this morning I manage to come up with this card. This layout would make a great card for class. It's easy and simple. I absolutely love the black/white with an accent color and I LOVE LOVE the jute ribbon!!! I hope you all love this color combo as much as I do:)

Here are the items I used: 
Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

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