Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Well folks we now have 2 full weeks of school in the books! So far things are going good for both Cameron and Easton. It's only the beginning and I know we will face some challenges ahead BUT for now I am enjoying the good!!!

This week was filled with another monthly parent meeting, baseball practice, and a dentist appointment. I am very happy I will be getting a break from the dentist for now. I am just about out of insurance money for the year so I will go back at the beginning of the year and start to finish up my long to-do list. 

Also happening this week is carpooling!!! I started carpooling with our friends that live behind us. Their girls are in the same class as Easton and Cameron. Since Kindergarten does not go a full day we both we driving to the school 3 times a day!!! Do you know how insane that is?! Especially because we live about 20-25 away from the school. Plus they are playing soccer and we are playing baseball and all that happens close to where the school thats even more driving. My gas tank is much happier this week!!!! So far I think it's working out pretty good!!! 

I am totally getting burnt out on cooking dinner. Actually it's not so much the cooking, it's the planning and figuring out WHAT to cook. I seriously need to find some new recipes to cook. I need to spend some time finding new side dishes especially. I feel like we eat the same stuff for dinner all the time.

Cameron finally lost another tooth this week. This tooth has been loose for like EVER!!! I kid you not! His two front teeth have been lost for like over a year. Yes at first the barely moved BUT they were still a little loose, it wasn't until like over the weekend that they really got loose. 

Baseball started this week! 

We finally got Bentley his own glove. He's a lefty so none of the boys' old gloves worked for him and he ended up wanting a red and black glove...right when he saw he snatched it up.

Seriously...this is no joke!

So last week Ryan took his Mom and her husband Marc rock crawling for a couple days. Marc has been before but this was the first time for Ryan's mom. He had been talking about taking her for awhile now. They all had a great time. Next week we are going without the kids so I am really looking forward to that. We haven't been on a trip or getaway of any kind without them in over 2 years.




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